How Much Is Renting A Car In Singapore? 

Singapore is a busy city-state with many attractions. Singapore automobile rentals are easy and affordable ways to explore the city and adjacent destinations. However, automobile type, rental term, and rental provider can affect Singapore car rental prices. This page covers Singapore’s average car rental cost and its elements. Knowing the cost of hiring a car will help you decide how to navigate around Singapore, whether you’re a tourist or a native. 

Average Cost of Renting a Car in Singapore 

Singapore automobile rentals vary by car model, rental period, and rental firm. Singapore car rentals cost between $60 and $300 per day. Economical automobiles like the Toyota Vios or Honda Jazz are the cheapest, costing SGD $60 to SGD $100 each day. For individuals who want more space or comfort, mid-size cars like the Toyota Altis or Honda Civic cost SGD $80 to SGD $150 per day. Luxurious cars like the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and BMW 7 Series cost $200–$300 each day. 

The cost of renting a car in Singapore depends on the rental length, company, and extra fees. Several rental providers may offer various rates and incentives. Rental firms may charge extra for insurance, fuel, and drivers. To receive the most accurate estimate of the cost of renting a car in Singapore, compare rates from multiple rental companies and read the rental agreement thoroughly to understand all of the fees and charges. 

The cost of renting a car in Singapore can range from around SGD $60 to SGD $300 or more per day, depending on the type of car and the rental company. Here is a breakdown of the average cost of renting a car in Singapore: 

Economical vehicles: Toyota Vios and Honda Jazz are the cheapest cars to rent in Singapore. Day rates average SGD $60–$100. 

Mid-size cars: The Toyota Altis and Honda Civic are popular choices for folks who seek additional space or comfort. Day rates average SGD $80–$150. 

Luxurious cars: Mercedes-Benz S-Class and BMW 7 Series rentals are the most expensive in Singapore. SGD $200–$300 per day is average. 

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Factors That Can Impact the Cost of Renting a Car in Singapore 

Several variables affect Singapore automobile rental prices: 

  1. Rental period: Longer rentals may lower daily rates. Weekly and monthly rentals often get discounts. 
  1. Type of automobile: Your car choice can affect Singapore car rental costs. Luxury automobiles cost the most, while economy cars are the cheapest. 
  1. Renting company: Rates and specials vary. To get the greatest bargain, compare rental company pricing. 
  1. Insurance, fuel, and additional drivers may cost extra at some rental businesses. Read the rental agreement to understand Singapore car rental rates. 
  1. Holidays and large events may raise rental fees. 
  1. Age and driving experience: Some rental businesses charge more for younger or inexperienced drivers. 

Understanding these aspects helps you estimate Singapore car rental costs and choose a rental provider and car. To comprehend Singapore’s automobile rental fees, you need investigate rental providers and read the rental agreement. 

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Singapore automobile rentals are economical and easy for touring the city and adjacent destinations. Car type, rental length, and rental provider affect Singapore car rental prices. These variables and research might help you get the greatest rental offer for your needs and budget. Renting a car can help you explore Singapore, whether you’re a visitor or a native. To avoid unexpected charges, read the rental agreement and comprehend all of Singapore’s automobile rental rates. 

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