How to style a midi dress

A midi dress is a dress, where the hem hits midway between the knee and the ankle. It is longer than a knee-length dress and a bit shorter than a full length one. Material used to make midi dress Singapore vary so they can be worn in spring, summer, winter   and any time as you wish.

They can be also be easily paired with other voguish pieces, or worn alone. Having a midi dress means that you’ve got a fabulous piece that can be worn any way you like. Unluckily, lots of women are afraid of these beautiful dresses because they think that the midi dress makes them look too short or too fat which is totally a misconception.

This can only happen if you don’t choose a suitable dress or having the wrong styling ideas.  As a matter of fact, any elegant piece you buy might do not suit you if you’re not careful about choosing the items that you are pairing with.  You can also style a midi dress with denim jackets for women.

Different Types of Midi Dresses

There are different types of midi dresses available in the market, and it depends on you to choose the right one. One must always choose a suitable fabric for a dress depending on the season. In midsummer, you can opt for an A-line midi dress in Singapore that arrives in pastels, flower prints, polka dot, and gingham prints. Go confidently for sleeveless, strapless, or short sleeve designs. You can also pair your dress with a lightweight cardigan or denim jacket after the sunset.

Bodycon midi dresses are highly admired by women as it gives definition to your curves and makes you look your best at any time of the day and any occasion. It is an excellent choice for the morning as well as evening outings. You can dress it in blazers for office mornings and business supper.

You can choose heavier fabrics and darker colors during low temperatures or during winter. Adding a leather jacket gives a high definition to your style. Velvet is an amazing fabric choice for winter as it wraps around your curves and focuses on your silhouette. When the temperature gets high, go for lightweight sequined and shiny materials.

Silk, chiffon, and lace are in high demand during summer. It will work on various special occasions. Most importantly they are comfortable and there are hundreds of colors to pick out. Don’t forget to pair your dress with the right accessories and heels or sometimes boots and let yourself fall in love with you.


There are so many ways to style a midi dress, but there are some common guidelines that follow no matter what the occasion or season.

Here are some styling tips to follow when wearing a midi dress:

  •       Select a length that is slightly above or below the knee: a perfect illusion can be created for a longer dress. For example, you can choose something like a metallic dress underneath a mesh fabric that ends above mid-calf. If you don’t want the midi dress to end exactly at your mid-calf then look for the one that is slightly above the mid-calf or below.
  •       Wear sexy heels: To highlight the leg and get rid of a squatty look wear strappy high heels with mid dresses. You can also go for sexy minimal heel sandals that give you extra length without the extra weight of a clumpy shoe.  If you are wondering what shoes to add on with a midi dress you can choose   heavy boots, platform sandals, or sneakers.
  •       Pair your summer dress with your hair in a bun or sometimes pair it with a mix and match the scarf.
  •       Always look for a midi dress in a lighter fabric. Search for your midi dress whose fabric is lighter and doesn’t put on much weight to your body.
  •       Tie a belt. Without giving your waist a proper definition, you may look shorter. To make sure the midi dress you a shape to your waist choose looks favorable with a waist belt. Adding a belt enhances your beauty so without any hesitation choose one. For a formal event or even a dinner outing try the various experiments with a belt and see how it enhances the outfit.
  •       Sometimes selecting a solid color or same pattern from head to toe is not a bad idea.  It’s worth buying a midi dress in a solid color or one that has the same pattern all over. A small pattern is also eye-catching. Pick up a small floral pattern, tiny polka dots, or something along those lines.
  •       Adding sunglasses with your look can be eye-catching. Opt for different glasses during day time and light up your day.
  •       Twining with a jacket can be a good choice. Denim jacket women or jacket having funky look can be a show-stealer. You can pair up one in the evening.

The other thing to look for in a midi dress is that it’s simple and elegant. Always go for a simple but classy look.

The bottom line

Midi dresses can be worn in any way you feel like. Pair it with denim jackets for women.You must have a sense of the style and fashion that will help you to style a midi dress accordingly. You can wear a midi dress either at parties or at casual meetings. If they are styled properly people will distinguish your style of dressing from others. First, you need to have a clear idea of the type of the body you have. It all starts with the shape of your body. Try to style your midi dress accordingly.

You may also try to accessorize your midi dress so that it can look more attractive. In case you are short or long choose the dress accordingly. The motive behind everything is to look fabulous and beautiful therefore style your dress accordingly. If you cannot do that alone you may also take help from experts or close ones.